Rumor: Microsoft to release 60GB Xbox 360 consoles

Logo of Microsoft's Xbox 360 next-gen console - Image 1It’s time to get the rumor mill grinding once again as the TrustedReviews website noted from a “rock solid source” that Microsoft will soon rollout a 60GB version of its Xbox 360 next-gen console. It was also mentioned that the new console may sport several interesting peripherals not normally associated with the hardcore gaming platform. You can read all about this interesting tidbit by checking out the full article.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 next-gen console - Image 1With talks of cutting down the price of the Xbox 360 next-gen console, it looks like that won’t be the only pleasant surprise that Microsoft has in store for everyone. According to an article posted on TrustedReviews, it seems like the company also has plans of rolling out a brand new 60GB version of the standard Xbox 360 unit.

The website mentioned that this juicy tidbit came from a “rock solid source,” which also confirmed the introduction of a new SKU for the console.

Given the supposed 60GB capacity of the new units, a built-in Blu-ray drive would be the next “logical conclusion” to solve any connectivity issues related to the console. While it has already been confirmed that the company has no plans of adding a Blu-ray player to the Xbox 360, most of this is still up in the air as Microsoft hasn’t released any official word regarding the matter.

There were also talks of an alternative option of adding an external drive to the new Xbox 360. All of this is merely speculation, however, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this topic in the days to come, so make sure to keep coming back to this space for updates.

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