Rumor: Microsoft to unveil Lips today

Rumor alert! - Image 1 Apparently, games are not the only things Microsoft is rumored to be unveiling at today’s Gamer’s Day event. Something called Lips is also rumored to be making its debut. More in the full article.

Lips? - Image 1It seems that aside from the games we mentioned in our previous post about the new games to be unveiled at today’s Gamer’s Day, Microsoft will also be unveiling its new Lips peripheral. Well at least that’s what the latest from the rumor mill says.

Not much is known about Lips. Rumor has it that it’s a peripheral and is different from Microsoft’s also-rumored waggle wand. The first thing that comes to mind, based on the name alone, is some kind of communicator or microphone for a possible new karaoke title for the Xbox 360.

We’ll get more news later when the Microsoft event goes underway, so check back here for more details.

Via 8Bit Joystick

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