Rumor: Nintendo Power’s moon hinting at third party party game

Nintendo Power's mystery moon - Image 1 Did you see the moon on Nintendo Power‘s latest issue? It looks like there are more clues within that issue other than the red moon, and it’s in the reader questions page. It was mentioned in passing that a big third party title will be revealed next month and it’s a “shocker.” Check out the full article for more info.

Nintendo Power's Moon - Image 1 The Internet recently went ablaze when a scan of the recent Nintendo Power issue appeared and spread like wildfire in several forums and sites. Apparently, it’s all about the magazine’s next issue preview page that featured a picture of the moon that contained clues. A good number of people shared their guesses and some of them include Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Castlevania, Moon from Renegade Kid, Fatal Frame, and Earthbound, among others.

Another clue has popped out and this time, it comes from Nintendo Power’s reader questions. A reader asked what games Nintendo Power was looking forward to in the coming months. The editor answered that Nintendo’s 2008 line-up is “a closely guarded secret.” Here’s the rest of the answer:

We know of a few big third-party titles already, but unfortunately weÂ’re sworn to secrecy. WeÂ’ll be able to fill you in on one of those games next month, though – and itÂ’s a shocker!

It’s still a bit of time before the next issue of the Nintendo Power comes out and we know most of you are wondering what the mystery title could be. We’ll keep you posted once we get more information regarding this so stay tuned.

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