Rumor: Sony preparing new ‘transforming controller’

PS3 Sixaxis controller - Image 1With Microsoft already rumored to be readying a new motion-sensing controller for the Xbox 360, it looks like Sony is also rumored to be working on a new controller of their own. Transform and roll out into the full article for more details.

PS3 Sixaxis controller - Image 1

With Microsoft rumored to be working on a new motion-sensing controller for their Xbox 360 home video game console, it looks like Sony isn’t going to let themselves be left in the dust.

In the most recent Five (!) Minute Warning podcast, N’Gai Croal and Geoff Keighley talked to EGM’s executive editor, Shane Bettenhausen, who talked about Sony’s own rumored controller.

Apparently, this new waggle wand from Sony will be a “transforming controller” that will pack “multiple configurations”. Call of Duty 5 and Resistance 2 were the games mentioned in connection with the controller.

Resistance 2 is currently slated for release later this year, so if this transforming Sony controller is indeed real, we should be hearing more about it soon enough. Keep checking back here for more updates. You can check out the podcast by clicking on the source link below.

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