Saints Row 2 weapons roll out

Saints Row 2 logo - Image 1Open world video games are usually about taking strolls with a weapon in hand in case you feel like going into a destruction frenzy. The folks at THQ know that full well, evident in how the Saints Row 2‘s (Sony PlayStation 3,  Microsoft Xbox 360) arsenal is packed with everything you’ll need for those sudden rampage urges. Find the guns at the full article.

Saints Row 2's Annihilator - Image 1

While most of us await the gigantic release by the end of this month, another open world mammoth is ready to launch come August. We’re talking Saints Row 2 (Sony PlayStation 3,  Microsoft Xbox 360), and before the much wildly anticipated sequel hits shelves, THQ was able to reveal more details. In particular, devs brought out the guns.

If Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3, Xbox 360) is gunning for realistic armaments, Saints Row 2 is taking a more explosive approach. From the Ultor labs come crazy weapons ranging from stylized rocket launchers to highly improvised flamethrowers.

So far, here are the weapons we can expect to wield in Saints Row 2:


  • Manually loaded projectile
  • Fast reload response
  • Effective and deadly at any range

AS14 Hammer

  • Fully automatic shotgun with a high rate of fire.


  • Light-weight melee weapon
  • Effective at close range


  • Flammable liquid distribution unit
  • Effective at close range


  • Fully automatic with high rate of fire
  • Effective and deadly at any range

Satchel Charges

  • Explosive sticky bomb with remote detonator.

SKR-9 Threat

  • Fully automatic
  • High rate of fire
  • Single or dual-wielded

Stun Gun

  • High-voltage, low-current electroshock weapon

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