Sam & Max: Season Two now available on Steam, plus five other titles; Assassin’s Creed price cut down

Steam brings more games to library - Image 1Lots are happening over at Steam, and we can say they are all good things. For one, Sam & Max: Season Two becomes available for all you fans of the unlikely duo. But apart from that, a pretty sweet deal’s also awaiting Assassin’s Creed fans and more. Do check out what’s going down at the full article.

Sam & Max: Season 2 - Image 1 Heads up, fans of the unlikely duo of Sam and Max! Season 2 of the same title is now available on Steam. Brought to you by Telltale Games, this package will cost you only US$ 34.99.

But that’s not the only thing you can avail at a bargain price. If you’d want to do some catching up and play Sam & Max all the way from the first season to the second, then you can get it in one package for US$ 59.99.

This offer is given to you guys in celebration of Season 2‘s launch on Steam. And to give you more goodies, all of the episodes will be made available for 10% of their regular price. Well, at least for the first two weeks of its availability on Steam.

Apart from that, Steam will also be offering 20% off Assassin’s Creed‘s tag this weekend, and many more games will be added to their library:

  • Iron Man (Sega)
  • Soldier of Fortune: Payback (Activision)
  • Monster Jam (Activision)
  • History Channel: Battle for the Pacific (Activision)
  • Cabela’s Trophy Bucks (Activision)

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