Samurai Warriors: Katana goes gold, more screenshots

Samurai Warriors: Katana - Image 1It’s official: Koei and Omega Force‘s Samurai Warriors: Katana has gone gold and is ready to meet its January 15, 2008 North American release date. Koei unleashed screenshots along with the announcement, so check out the full article to find them!

Samurai Warriors: Katana screenshot - Image 1

Koei and Omega Force‘s Samurai Warriors: Katana, that hack-and-slash madness turned first-person action-adventure for the Nintendo Wii, has finally gone gold and is ready to reach North American shelves. January 15, 2008 marks the release of Samurai Warriors‘ reiteration which introduces motion-sensing to the series using innovative controls of Nintendo’s console.

As a samurai in Feudal Era Japan, both short-range and long-range weapons are at your disposal. Your arsenal includes the classic katana, spear, war hammer, bows, guns, and even cannons.

Thanks to three different game modes it offers, Omega Force’s Samurai Warriors: Katana promises 30 hours of play. Aside from Musou Mode (Story Mode of Samurai Warriors), Trial Mode and Versus Mode of up to two players are there to extend your gaming time.

Of course, what better way to celebrate the game’s gold status than show everyone a bunch of screenshots? Koei didn’t fall short and added screens with the announcement. While you’re waiting for next year, might as well check out what’s below.

Samurai Warriors: Katana screenshots - Image 1 Samurai Warriors: Katana screenshots - Image 2 Samurai Warriors: Katana screenshots - Image 3 
Samurai Warriors: Katana screenshots - Image 4 Samurai Warriors: Katana screenshots - Image 5 Samurai Warriors: Katana screenshots - Image 6

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