Sanqua Horizons 11 Mag Release

pictureque Sanqua Horizons 11th Edition - Image 1Evidently, gaming doesn’t necessarily have to translate to hours upon endless hours sitting on the couch all day in front of your wide screen TV while whittling away at your D pad.

Sanqua Horizons finally came out with their 11th gaming magazine  edition to be read and enjoyed for hours on end. Aside from PSP and Nintendo DS updates, gamers can enjoy a multitude of articles that will definitely appeal to all

glimpse into Sanqua Horizons latest edition - Image 1glimpse into Sanqua Horizons latest edition - Image 2 

The long wait is finally over. Last 11th of November, French gamers magazine publisher Sanqua Horizons finally released it’s magazine’s 11th edition. September 11, 11th edition,,, Mere coincidence? I don’t think so.

Aside from it’s completely written in French, the Sanqua Horizons magazine stands out from the rest for having page after page of exquisitely rendered photographs that practically everyone can enjoy. As we recently took a gander at it, we personally like the Japanese themed photo of a strikingly red path way displayed on the first page that grabs at the readers attention from the get go.

The Sanqua Horizons mag has always been known to be a hefty read. The last edition alone clocked in at having 265 pages! The latest edition proves to be no exception. Hard – core gaming fanatics can look forward to hours and hours of reading bliss with topics on the 3rd Dual Shock release, the new PSP slim, and articles about the Puzzle Quest, and Safe Cracker games among others.

Although tailor made to tickle the fancy of gamers, more specifically aficionados of the PSP and Nintendo DS, people from all walks of life can still find interest in the magazine since it also features movie reviews as well as music articles.

So, we advise all to find the time to check out this gem of a gaming magazine and see how the French do gaming proud

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