sdlBasic PSP version 0.6

sdlBasic PSP version 0.6 - Image 1Developer Deniska has announced the release of sdlBasic PSP v0.6. The latest build of this homebrew devkit has several handy bugfixes. Exact details on the tweaks and a recap on what sdlBasic does are available over in the full article.

Download:sdlBasic for PSP v0.6

sdlBasic for PSP version 0.6 - Image 1We’ve got some good news for the beginner PSP homebrew developers out there. Deniska announced that the sdlBasic devkit has been updated to version 0.6.

As a recap, this homebrew is actually a PSP port of the multiplatform interpreter for BASIC (Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). The original sdlBasic was created by Roberto Viola back in 2002. Its core is based on wxBasic and syntax which should make it easier for beginner homebrew devs to create their own games and apps.

Version 0.6 in particular carries a bug fix for a memory leak that occurred during image loading. Further details on sdlBasic PSP’s functions and controls are available in the readme provided in the file bundle.

Download: sdlBasic for PSP v0.6

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