Secret Agent Clank Trailer: saving the world and looking good

Secret Agent clank - Image 1High Impact GamesSecret Agent Clank for the PSP is looking really promising judging from the game’s trailer video. How can fans of the Ratchet and Clank series not be impressed after seeing Clank blow up enemy robots and dodging lasers? To see the video for yourself, head on over to the full article.

What’s shiny, slick, and likes his motor oil shaken not stirred? If you answered Secret Agent Clank, then you’re absolutely right. If you’ve been waiting to see more of this PSP exclusive from High Impact Games, then you’re in luck. The first trailer for the game has been released and it looks pretty awesome.

The trailer shows Clank complete with a bow tie (which every male secret agent should have) as he goes about dodging lasers, blowing up enemy robots, and wooing the ladies with his dancing skills.

Here’s the trailer video for Secret Agent Clank. Remember to keep checking back here at QJ.NET for more updates on the latest games.

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