Sega announces Dinosaur King for DS

Dinosaur King DS - Image 1Sega is porting yet another animated series to the Nintendo DS. This time around, it is Dinosaur King from CW Network. As a videogame title, you will be fighting the evil Z Team in epic dino battles in the world of dinosaurs. For more information, read up the rest of the article after the jump.

Dinosaur King DS - Image 1Sega sure loves to play the anime card. After their announcement last month on the up and coming new Bleach title for Nintendo’s nifty handheld, Bleach: Dark Souls, the company has now announced through a press release that yet another animated series will be turned into a videogame title.

This time, it’s CW Network’s Dinosaur King. The videogame adaptation will have you playing either the character of Rex or Max. If you’re not aware who they are, they just happen to be the two kids who are bravely out on a mission to stop the evil Z Team in their evil tracks. This villainous team are actually globe-trotters in search of dinosaur fossils so they can bring them back to life and use them for their own treacherous gain.

Dinosaur King is actually a Sega original, first debuting in Japan‘s arcade stores. And now, it is expanding its territory to DS-landia as an RPG for you to enjoy. Expected release date of the title is on September 23, 2008.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted on more news regarding this title, so do keep it locked here for more.

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