Shinji Mikami assembles team to work on first Platinum Games title

Shinji Mikami, Japanese video game designer of Resident Evil - Image 1So what’s next for the Resident Evil video game designer Shinji Mikami? After a long hiatus in between projects, Mikami announced that he and his crack team of developers from Platinum Games will start work on the first title under their newly formed company.

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Shinji Mikami, Japanese video game designer of Resident Evil - Image 1Shinji Mikami, whose claims to fame include  the Dino Crisis and Resident Evil series, has revealed to day on his blog that he and his team at Platinum Games will be working on their first project under the newly formed company.

Formerly known as SEEDS, the company was formed in 2006 and has since then changed its name to Platinum Games after merging with ODD corporation. As for the game itself and what platform it will be released on, Mikami said that he will be keeping it under wraps for now.

He explains that the long gap in between his last project, God Hand for Capcom, was due to difficulties in assembling a suitable team to work on his new title. While he’s already begun assembling the team to kick off the project, Mikami mentions that he’s still looking for more members to fully develop the game.

Hopefully, the former Capcom and Clover Studios talent will come up with an update for this new mystery title. Updates as we get them!

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