Singapore develops video game classification system

Consoles - Image 1Video game rating systems can be a touchy issue, but it seems the Media Development Authority of Singapore is set on policing video game content. MDA has just rolled out its very own rating system. Check out what this means to you (especially if you live in Singapore) in the full article.

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Remember the hubbub about Singapore’s Media Development Authority (MDA) banning Bioware Inc.’s Mass Effect from being sold due to some questionable scenes? While both parties did manage to come out relatively unscathed (i.e. the game was unbanned and was allowed to be sold), it seems that Singapore has learned its lesson, and has now put out a new game rating system in order to make things just a bit more secure.

What’s unique about this particular rating system is that, unlike CERO or ESRB, there are only two ratings, of which the Media Development Authority will issue sticker labels with so that prospective buyers know what sort of content they’re getting themselves into. A quote from the press release itself, verbatim, that speaks of the ratings:

The new video games ratings include Mature 18 (M18) and Age Advisory. Both categories will carry rating stickers. M18 is a restricted category for persons 18 years old and above with retailers required to conduct an age check at the point of sales.

Age Advisory is suitable for persons 16 years old and above. It is an advisory category to assist consumers in making informed choices. While retailers need not conduct age checks at the point of sale, they are encouraged to exercise responsibility by not selling these games to those below 16 years of age.

There’s also the deal about the games not falling on either category not getting any sticker. Simple, right? Effective April 28, we hope that this one would prevent our Singaporean brethren from not being able to play the games they like, so long as they’re in the legal age, of course. Updates as we get them.

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