Sins of a Solar Empire version 1.02 patch rolls out

Sins of the Solar Empire from Ironclad Games - Image 1Version 1.02 patch update for 4X RTS game, Sins of a Solar Empire has just been released. This game from developer Ironclad Games and publisher Stardock Entertainment also added some changes that weren’t included in our previous post on SoSE‘s new list of changes for this patch. Check the full article for more details.

Sins of a Solar Empire from Ironclad Games - Image 1

Game developer Ironclad Games has finally released the latest patch of Sins of the Solar Empire. Published by Stardock Entertainment, this is a real-time strategy game for Windows XP and Vista which incorporates elements from 4X strategy games.

We’ve already posted the newest list of changes that’ll come with this update a few days ago, but the official changelog that’s just been released had a few added notes. Check them out below:


  • Fix bug where skybox is always the same.
  • New Advent bomber icons to better differentiate them from fighters.

Networking / Multiplayer

  • ICO server now ignores case when searching for channel names.

UserInterface / HUD

  • Fix rare bug in group selection.
  • Hooked up proper double clicking to text lists so clickng on something already selected doesn’t try to join a game when it shouldn’t.
  • Hooked up ico-player name lists (both selecting player and chat lobby player names) to double clicking.
  • Added infocard keybindings for quick-select buttons.

According to Frogboy from the Sins of the Solar Empire forums, they’re planning to provide regular free updates to the game to thank those who’ve purchased SoSE and who continue to support the game. Sins of the Solar Empire version 1.02 can be downloaded either by using Stardock Central (link is in the forum post you’ll find by hitting the Via link below) or by clicking on the update button within the game.

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