Siren: New Translation demo now available on Japanese PlayStation Network

Siren: New Translation demo out on PSN Japan - Image 1The fateful day of being scared out of your wits has finally arrived. The Japanese PlayStation Network website has announced the release of the Siren: New Translation demo, now available on the PlayStation Store. Learn more about this demo after the jump!

Siren: New Translation demo now out on PSN Japan - Image 1If you’re one of our readers with a Japanese PSN account and you’re ready to freak out, then don’t stop to ask questions. You’ll want to turn on your PlayStation 3 now to download a new demo that’s meant to scare.

That’s right – the Siren: New Translation demo is now out for people to download over on the Japanese PlayStation Store. It weighs in at around 550 MB, and should give you a good taste of what the game’s all about, if you happened to miss the previous versions of the Siren series.

For those who’re eager to learn more about the game, feel free to check out our previous article showcasing the information we’ve gathered from Famitsu, as well as the trailer for the game. Enjoy!

Via PlayStation Network Japan

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