Sonic Rivals 2 screens with Tails and Rouge

Sonic Rivals 2 PSP Sega - Image 1 We’ve got another fresh batch of screens for Sega‘s Sonic Rivals 2 on the PSP. The game is coming out in North America in just a few more days, but it never hurts to take one last glance at the speedy title before it hits retail. Here we see more of Tails and Rouge – two of the new playable characters in the Sonic Rivals sequel.

Sonic Rivals 2 PSP screens - Image 1

Though we’ve seen a bunch of Sonic Rivals 2 videos for a couple of weeks now, the bad thing is that sometimes, you can appreciate the visuals more if their in still form. We mean screenshots, of course. How else can you keep track of the blazing blue hedgehog anyways? Nice. And just before the game gets released too!

Aside from Sonic, we also see a couple of the other cast of characters in these screens. There’s Knuckles, if you haven’t noticed from above. He’s trying to catch up on Rouge – finally she makes her debut in the Sonic Rivals series.

Just in case you haven’t heard, she’s one of the new characters that get to be playable in Sonic Rivals 2, the other characters being Tails himself (we would have wanted to have him playable – or at least an unlockable – in the first game, so we’re happy he’s making his debut in Sonic Rivals 2 too) and Espio the Chameleon, who is unfortunately absent from the screens. Unless of course he’s blended himself into the background thereby rendering him invisible… Ha!

Sonic Rivals 2 PSP screens - Image 1 Sonic Rivals 2 PSP screens - Image 2 Sonic Rivals 2 PSP screens - Image 3 Sonic Rivals 2 PSP screens - Image 4
Sonic Rivals 2 PSP screens - Image 5 Sonic Rivals 2 PSP screens - Image 6 Sonic Rivals 2 PSP screens - Image 7 Sonic Rivals 2 PSP screens - Image 8

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