Sony announces three new SingStar titles for the holidays

SingStar - Image 1Sony comes out with SingStar that lets you create your own party play list and gives you the chance to imitate ABBA, Paramore, Rascal Flatts and Queen.

SingStar - Image 1SingStar prioritizes family and friends with the new holiday release of SingStar Vol. 2 (in PS3), SingStar Country (in PS2) and SingStar Legends (in PS2).  So now you can have more bonding with them by playing this game, especially during the holidays. 

If you like Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Faith Hill then  SingStar Country is for you.  If you are into Marvin Gaye, Patsy Cline and The Police then try SingStar Legends

Scott Steinberg, vice president of product marketing of SCEA says:

With over 14 million units sold worldwide, the SingStar franchise continues to evolve the interactive singing experience, creating superior entertainment for the whole family.

Contents from from the PS2 can be accessed from the PS3 version while using PS3 discs through a free game update. What makes it even more accessible is that this feature does not require any PS3 system software update.

Vol. 2 has 30 new tracks from Paramore, The Bravery, Spoon and Radiohead and it gives access to a catalog that you can download songs from through SingStore.  Don’t be shy to share your performance with a video, audio or photo in the website.

For those who are Queen fans, don’t fret because they will be releasing Queen packs soon with Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions and Another One Bites the Dust. So better begin practicing that vocal chords of yours or perhaps take vocal lessons. 

The game comes with a stand-alone disc or two USB microphones.  The microphones from SingStar Playstation 2 library can be used with Vol. 3 for PS3. Also coming out on December 2 is SingStar ABBA, where you can sing your lungs out to the tunes of Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia.

Keep it posted here for more SingStar news and updates. We’re sure there’ll be lots more good stuff to come from them.

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