Sony dropping TBWA after 13 years’ partnership

Sony Computer Entertainment - Image 1Miscommunication problems between 13 year partners Sony Computer Entertainment of America and TBWA/Chiat/Day advertising agency forces Sony to eliminate TBWA from the review of their latest advertising account and move on to reconsider others.

Curious to know why? Read on at the full article.

To which agency will the coveted Sony PS3 go to? - Image 1Sony Computer Entertainment of America has dropped New York based ad agency TBWA/Chiat/Day from the review of their latest advertising account worth US$ 150 million.

This is sad news since TBWA has handled all of Sony’s advertising accounts in the US for the PlayStation game platform since the debut of the game console’s progenitor back in 1994.

Although Sony’s latest advertising account for the Sony PlayStation sounded promising at first, the release of the ad campaign suffered many delays due to unexplainable miscommunication problems between Sony executives and TBWA consultants and affiliate agencies.

Apparently, TBWA was supposed to be one of the five finalists for the ad account pitch. Now, ad agencies Publicis in West, Seattle, and Deutsch, Los Angeles were called back to add information in light of this recent event.

The two remaining ad agencies Sony plans to chose from, Venables Bell and Partners in San Fransisco and RPA in Santa Monica, California haven’t been contacted.

Sony’s decision whether or not to actually drop TBWA completely will be finalized within this week.

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