Sony Europe’s PlayStation Network generating lots of complaints

Sony PlayStation 3 - Image 1Sony Europe‘s PlayStation Network often trails behind its NA counterpart in terms of updates and content. Naturally, the European PlayStation 3 community is not too happy about it. In fact, over at the PlayStation EU forums, PS3 gamers are fast reaching their saturation point. Head over the full article for a rundown of European PSN issues and complaints.

Sony Europe - Image 1Even with the last PlayStation Network (PSN) update last April 15, you can tell that Europe and other PAL territories receive little love compared to North America. This disparity is one of the reasons why the PAL PlayStation 3 community is growing more discontented with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE).

Over at the PlayStation EU discussion threads, a forum post from gamer Kung_Fu_Russ questions SCEE for its inferior online service. According to the post, the PAL territories almost always get the short end of the stick when it comes to PSN releases.

Citing Super Puzzle Fighter and Everyday Shooter as examples, the forum post mentions how the SCEE would always have delays or non-releases and chalk it up to localization and translation issues. The post elaborates that because of these issues, some Europeans tend to sneak their way to the other territories’ PSNs.

The forum post had other concerns as well. It also criticizes how SCEE managed the redesign of the PlayStation Store, with reports of slow loading times and unorganized categories. Moreover, SCEE has no official blog like its US counterpart and its forums (which went down for a week for a fix) returned bugged and messy.

Seeing as the forum post generated numerous responses, both positive and negative, it would really do SCEE some good to take a look at these concerns. Stay tuned here at QJ.NET for the latest updates.

Thanks to Torrenera, Mentality and Snowy for the heads up!

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