Sony hiding 20 secret projects for PS3?

Sony hiding 20 secret projects for PS3? - Image 1The rumor mills have begun to churn out buzz again, and this latest bit is said to come from someone inside Sony Computer Entertainment. It would seem that Sony’s game division is prepping for a better year this 2008, with secret projects in tow for it’s next generation console, the PlayStation 3. More on that at the full story.

Sony hiding 20 secret projects for PS3? - Image 1 

An insider at Sony Computer Entertainment let the word out that the game division had at least 20 secret projects allegedly for the Sony PlayStation 3, two of which come from Team ICO. Other studios such as Project Siren (Forbidden Siren) and Team Saru (Ape Escape) were also mentioned taking part in the development of the said games.

Now that’s interesting, because in mid-fall last year, Sony’s top man, Kazuo Hirai, mentioned that Team ICO were actually working on a “sequel”. Obviously the question “The sequel to what?” was raised, but few particulars were milked from Team ICO and Hirai. In fact, there’s nothing rock solid yet.

Yet another sighting has raised eyebrows in the East: a recent patent for “The Last Guy” was spotted in Japan according to (external link). The patent is seemingly for Sony Computer Entertainment Japan. Speculating third-parties believe that the phrase could be a subtitle of a Sony game in the works.

There was no clarification if any of the 20 titles were for the PlayStation Portable, but we may hear more that may change that in the near future.

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