Sony Magazine cites ‘PSP-style phone’ in development

Concept image of Sony Ericsson made PSP Phone - Image 1It looks like someone’s been grinding up the old rumor mill about the PSP Phone once again. This time, SEfanatics reports that an article in Sony Magazine cited that a “PSP-style phone” is currently in development and may come out “in shops as early as February”. To find out more about this rumor, check out the full article.

Excerpt of article on Sony Magazine about PSP Phone - Image 1 

If you’ve taken a look at the latest issue of Sony Magazine, you might have noticed a little clause under one of the articles that might have sparked your interest.

SEfanatics noted that the article mentioned a “PSP-style phone” which is currently in development, and thus resurfacing the rumors of a video game platform and mobile phone combination once again. It was also mentioned in the article that the device could be “in shops as early as February”.

While this rumor isn’t exactly new, it does help that the source is slightly closer to the mark with its connection to Sony than the previous instances that the PSP Phone was supposedly sighted.

Might this finally mean the arrival of the fabled PSP Phone that’s been the talk of the town last year? Who knows. What we are sure of is that we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open for more information on this supposed “PSP-style phone”, so keep coming back to this space for more updates as we get them.

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