Sony PlayStation 3 2.30 Firmware now live

Sony PlayStation 3 - Image 1Good news, Sony PlayStation 3 owners! The much-awaited 2.30 firmware for your Cell Processor-powered beasties is here. Now, before you ask, does it have PlayStation Home buried in it somewhere, to burst into our faces just as we’re exploring the newly-patched firmware for the first time? The answers in the full article, so hop to it!

PlayStation 3 - Image 1

Heads up, Sony PlayStation 3 owners! The latest and most highly-anticipated firmware for your Cell Processor-powered beast of a next-gen machine is now available for download. So what are you waiting for? Fire up those babies and watch as the goodness squeezes its way from the internet tubes and onto your videogame console.

While we don’t quite have a changelog yet to check whether or not the promised additions did make it into the cut,  let’s take a look back at what’s been promised to us from the get-go: DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio features for Blu-ray movies.

While having some sweet, sweet audio to accompany the high-end visuals of the Sony PlayStation 3 is already enticing, we have to wonder if this is just part of the update, or the update itself entirely – which wouldn’t be bad at all, but we all know what we want from Sony, don’t we?

Sony! Give us Home now! Updates as we get them, and now we bring you back to your regularly-scheduled firmware downloading.

Thanks to Steven Watson, DatNizzle, and NarooN for the tip!

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