Sony: PSP ships 10 million units in Japan

Sony: PSP reaches 10 million sales in Japan - Image 1Is the PSP really a dying console? Apparently not, based on recent sales figures from Japan which indicate that the handheld has shipped 10 million units since its initial launch. More details on this matter are available in the full article.

Sony: PSP reaches 10 million sales in Japan - Image 1Sony Japan has unveiled that as of today, July 15, their PlayStation Portable system has sold-in a total of 10 million units to retail in their territory. The report further indicates that this figure encompasses sales of both the PSP Slim, which launched in September 2007, and the PSP Fat, which launched in December 2004.

We remind the readers that the figures are strictly for the PSP’s Japan release. No details have been released regarding the PSP’s sales in North America, Europe, or other parts of the world.

Some of you may recall John Koller’s earlier statement regarding the prospect of newer games arriving for the PSP by the second half of 2008, pouring over into 2009. Between that and Sony’s plan to increase the PSP’s connectivity with the PlayStation 3, this year looks to be an exciting time for old and new owners alike. Check back with us in case we run into any more related details.

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