Sony readying Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) patch today

Sony readying Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) patch today - Image 1Sony has announced that it’s readying a new patch today that should fix some of the problems that were reported for the PlayStation 3 port of Grand Theft Auto 4. While the patch is meant to fix the game’s multiplayer connectivity problems, the Sony rep that it may also address another problem in GTA4‘s single-player mode. More details are up ahead in the full article.

Sony readying Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3) patch today - Image 1 It looks like Rockstar and Sony have come up with at least a partial fix for Grand Theft Auto 4‘s PlayStation 3 woes. A Sony spokesman has recently announced that the company is readying a patch that should address the problems linked to GTA4‘s multiplayer mode.

The problem in question is regarding a connectivity issue that’s been plaguing players since GTA4’s launch day. The patch, the Sony rep explained, would help to ease up the load on GameSpy’s servers. It may also fix the random freeze incidents that some game owners have reported.

Here’s to hoping the patch will address these problems. With nearly a million copies of GTA4 out in the UK alone (for both the PS3 and Xbox 360), that’s quite a lot of potential playtime being lost due to wonky online connections. We’ll let you know in case more related news is announced.

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