Sony stocks rise, Toshiba falls after Warner goes Blu-ray exclusive

Warner Bros. goes Blu-ray Exclusive, Sony stocks rise - Image 1 After a brief slump at the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Sony stocks rose after Warner Bros. Entertainment announced their decision to become Blu-ray exclusive. Toshiba, one of the giant HD DVD backers, declined in the market.

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Warner Bros. goes Blu-ray exclusive, Sony stocks rise - Image 1

The new year brought about a startling new development to the format wars that may finally bring about its conclusion. We’re talking about Warner Bros.’ decision to go Blu-ray exclusive. Following this, Sony stocks at the Tokyo Stock Exchange rose.

Sony stocks saw a brief slump a few days ago, along with the stocks of other Japanese companies, due to some economical fluctuations. With Warner Bros. Entertainment’s announcement however, Sony’s stocks rose 0.9% in the market.

On the other side of the spectrum, stocks of one of the largest HD DVD backers, Toshiba, fell 2.5%, the lowest point it has seen in more than nine months. A spokesman for Toshiba expressed the company’s disappointment with Warner Bros.’ decision.

Will the format war finally draw to its conclusion? Check back for developments.

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