Sony tests digital copies on DVD releases, puts time-limited play

Sony for the PSP - Image 1Looking for more out of your DVD movie purchase other than the movie itself? Then this update about Sony offering digital copies within its own DVDs should interest you. Digital copies are simply that – legal copies of the film that you can easily watch on your PC, PS3 or PSP with almost no hassle whatsoever. Almost. Check out the full details after the jump.

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It seems that Sony is stepping up on its efforts against piracy, as well as push sales of its in-house movies. This is through embedding digital copies of its movies on DVD with a digital copy ready to be watched on your PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, and even on your PS3.

This means that when you buy one of Sony’s movies on DVD, that DVD will have a digital copy for you to take with you and watch on your other Sony gadgets, not just at your home player.

Where does the anti-piracy angle come in? It comes in the form of the digital copy having a shelf life. Buyers will have to register their purchased movie online first before being able to use the digital copy. Once registered, Sony will keep track of just how many days has passed since the registration. If the digital copy times out, then it’s rendered unplayable.

That’s all well and good, but how can one transfer content from the purchased DVD to the PlayStation 3 and/or PlayStation Portable? Simple – one only has to insert the DVD into their computer, let it bake for a little while, and then transfer the file onto a memory stick. From there, it’s just a matter of sticking that memory stick either onto the PS3 or the PSP for on-the-go or console playback. Simple, easy and convenient.

And even though Sony is still in the experimental phase with the whole digital copy thing, they’re pretty happy with the results. Resident Evil: Extinction, a recent Sony movie that also offered digital copies, generated 30,000 copy transfers. Not bad at all!

So, if you’re thinking about buying DVDs, you might want to consider one of Sony’s. After all, having the ability to watch it anywhere you go is a great plus.

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