Sony to release Development Kit for PSP Internet Radio Player

Sony PlayStation Portable Radio - Image 1If you’re already running PlayStation Portable firmware version 3.80, then you probably know that you can now access various Internet Radio stations. If you find the current selection of the Internet Radio Players a bit too limiting, then you’ll be happy to know that Sony will be releasing a development kit to help coders create their own.

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Sony PSP Internet Radio - Image 1 

The arrival of the PlayStation Portable firmware version 3.80 introduced a new function to the  unit: Internet Radio. To access this new feature, users have to install a separate application on their handhelds.

If the current selection of programs are too limited for you, then you might be interested in knowing that Sony has given word that they will be releasing a Development Kit for the PSP Internet Radio Player on its official website:

A developer kit for creating an Internet radio player will be provided on the Japan-region Web site. The date the kit will be made available will be announced as soon as it has been decided.

This is good news for PSP coders everywhere.  Hopefully, Sony will also include the source code of the existing players they’ve created to help the homebrew community get up to speed with the development of the application.

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