Soul Calibur 4 release date announced, Premium Edition contents revealed

Soul Calibur Amy - Image 1Those eagerly awaiting for major Soul Calibur 4 (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) news can now snap to full attention now: Namco Bandai just announced that the game will be released on July 29, in regular and Premium Edition flavors. So what does the Premium Edition contain? Do check the full article to find out.

Sould Calibur 4 Scheherazade - Image 1Soul Calibur fans, mark your calendars. Namco Bandai has officially announced Soul Calibur 4‘s (Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3) North American release date: July 29. Both versions of the game will come in regular and Premium Edition packages.

So what sets the Premium Edition apart from the vanilla, no-frills regular edition? The metal-encased package will include a comic book that depicts the prequel to the game’s background story, a tournament kit, and exclusive access to extra customization content.

We know you’re intrigued by the words “tournament kit” and “extra customization content” as much as we already are, but exact details about these freebies aren’t disclosed as of the moment. Namco Bandai did say something about the tournament kit, however. “[The tournament kit] give fans the opportunity to document the battle amongst friends,” a spokesperson said.

Yes, definitely intriguing. You can count on us to sniff more Soul Calibur 4 updates, so stay tuned!

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