Speed Racer producer: Wii Wheel easy to use, tiring in the long run

Speed Racer thumbnail - Image 1Just hearing about a video game based on the movie remake of the classic Speed Racer for the Nintendo Wii and DS got us off our feet, and learning that its Wii version will make use of the Wii Wheel piqued our interest further. We poked around, and heard a few things from WB Games producer Jeff Nachbaur who’s currently working on the title. Race to the full article to find out what he had to say!

Wii Wheel by Nintendo - Image 1After the Wii Zapper, people wonder how the upcoming Wii Wheel bundled with Mario Kart Wii will fare in those fast-paced chases. Thankfully, Speed Racer‘s (Wii, DS, and PS2) producer Jeff Nachbaur from WB Games was able to admit that Nintendo’s steering wheel accessory is more of a preference – for his team’s third-party Wii Wheel-compatible title, at least.

When asked how significant the difference is between using the wheel and the Wii Remote alone, Nachbaur told MTV Multiplayer:

[Wii Wheel] adds a bit of heft and you hold it differently. It’s more of a preference than a dramatic difference. In play testing the “Speed Racer” video game, we found half of the people preferred it, because it makes the Wii remote easier to hold on to and it uses a control mechanism that most of them use in their daily lives (the steering wheel). It isn’t dramatic, but there definitely is a change in the way it feels… at least it is for myself.

Nachbaur further explained that while the Wii Wheel works with shorter sessions of playing Speed Racer, it’s less tiring to go the extra mile by just using the Wiimote.

Speed Racer is the first third-party title to utilize the Wii Wheel, scheduled for release on May 6 following Mario Kart Wii‘s April launch along with Nintendo’s steering wheel.

Buy: [Speed Racer: The Videogame (DS)]
Buy: [Speed Racer: The Videogame (Wii)]

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