Spiderwick now on demo over XBL

Xbox Live - Image 1Does your Xbox 360 need a bit more mystery and fantasy to it? If you’re getting weary of your usual games, perhaps you should try out the latest free demo over at Xbox Live. Spiderwick, based on the Nickelodeon and Paramount film, is a refreshing title coming soon to the platform. Find out why in the full article.

Spiderwick - Image 1If you’re looking for something new to test this week, Xbox Live has something nice in store. The free demo of Spiderwick is up for download, and it offers a lot of cerebral fun to those who dare take its challenge.

Spiderwick is based on the film by Nickelodeon Movies and Paramount Pictures of the same name. Like the flick, this game demo will have you playing the roles of a myriad of characters endowed with unique abilities. Together, they’ll solve the mysteries that come with Arthur SpiderwickÂ’s Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You, leading them to bizarre, unseen worlds.

Be warned, though. These unseen realms are crawling with beautiful but dangerous creatures that you must learn to deal with. A lot is to learn once you play Spiderwick, so if you’re tired of the usual shooters or action games, try taking his one for a spin.

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