Sprite Maker XP: export sprites from your PSP

Sprite Maker XP akabane87 - Image 1If you like tinkering with RPG Maker, then this is a tool that you’ll need especially if you’re using RPG Maker XP. Akabane87 just came up with Sprite Maker XP, a homebrew application that lets gamers export sprites from the PSP and converts them into PNG format. Useful, yes? We do agree, so if you want to get more details just go to the full article through the link below.

Download: Sprite Maker XP

Sprite Maker XP - Image 1 

Fans of RPG Maker for the PC may want to check out this neat homebrew application courtesy of Akabane87, Sprite Maker XP. Sprite Maker XP allows PSP users to export sprites from the PSP into PNG format. So what’s the big deal with exporting sprites? Well, they can be used for RPG Maker on the PC, specifically RPG Maker XP.

Sprite Maker XP also offers a lot of customization options, which includes personalizing such details as skin, eyes, ears, and other physical attributes. In this current version of Sprite Maker XP, here’s what you can do with the application (as translated from French by our weblator):

  • Create a new plank
  • Safeguard the current board
  • Load a saved plate
  • Export a plank.png

Sprite Maker XP - Image 1 Sprite Maker XP - Image 2

If you currently use RPG Maker XP and want to try it out, then feel free to download the program from the link below. There’s a readme file included with the release, but you have to run it through a translator first. Enjoy!

Download: Sprite Maker XP

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