Square Enix’s White Engine renamed, goes multiplatform including Wii

Square Enix logio - Image 1One of Square Enix‘s announcements in the recent GDC 2008 event is the renaming of their new in-house new graphics engine, White Engine. Now officially known as Crystal Tools, Square Enix’s engine doesn’t only cater to the PlayStation 3. It has turned multiplatform, and even supports the Nintendo Wii. More details in the full article.

Final Fantasy 13 Lightning Square Enix - Image 1Those keeping tabs on the development of Final Fantasy XIII, particularly the use of Square Enix‘s White Engine should pay attention: Square Enix’s in-house new graphics engine has been renamed to a more Final Fantasy-ish name – that being: Crystal Tools. Square Enix research and development division executive Taku Murata made that announcement in the recent GDC 2008.

Crystal Tools, which was originally developed to be a PlayStation 3-only engine, has now gone multiplatform to accommodate PC and Xbox 360 games. Also, some of Crystal Tools’ functions can be used on a Wii console, but Murata declined to comment on how Crystal Tools can be used for Wii titles.

Murata gave the GDC 2008 audience a glimpse of Crystal Tools, namely some screenshots of the character model viewer and cut-scene editor. He ended the presentation by showing a Final Fantasy XII trailer.

Via Wired

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