Star Wars Galaxies: track down the fugitives

Star Wars Galaxies news and updates: the Bounty Check skill - Image 1Fancy yourself as good a bounty hunter as Boba Fett? You get your chance in Star Wars Galaxies, where you can track down interstellar fugitives with the Bounty Check skill. Details in the full article.

Star Wars Galaxies news and updates: the Bounty Check skill - Image 1 

Fancy yourself better than Boba Fett? Here’s your chance to prove it. In Star Wars Galaxies, you get to hunt down interstellar criminals. In Game Update 3, the Bounty Hunters Guild has 10 criminals lined up for you to take down.

To start this dangerous mission, you’ll need to have the level 86 skill, Bounty Check. This skill will allow you to discover disguised fugitives. You can use the skill on any non-elite humanoid target between levels 70-90.

After acquiring all ten marks, you’ll be awarded with a Master Crafted EE3 Carbine and a Master Crafted DC-15 Rifle limited draft schematic by Rovessh, a representative of the Bounty Hunters Guild who can be located at the Bestine Cantina.

You can check out the profiles of all 10 fugitives by following the link below. Be aware though, three of these fugitives are considered extremely dangerous. Also be aware that the final fugitive is called Rune, a Jedi. Good luck.

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