StarCraft 2: meet the Crucio siege tank

Crucio siege tank - Image 1Blizzard is giving the siege tank a makeover in StarCraft 2, and if you’re remotely a fan of the Terran forces, you’ll love its improved versatility and new look. The Crucio won’t need to fire from long range, because it can also participate in ground battles. Learn more at the full article.

Crucio siege tank - Image 1

If you’re tired of your siege tanks getting “zerged” in Blizzard‘s Starcraft, the sequel to what most herald as the perfect real-time strategy game has something in store for you. StarCraft 2 is still subject to change, but for now, we’re all for the Crucio tank whose details have been revealed on the game’s official website.

Unlike the original Arclite siege tank, the Crucio was made without its predecessor’s weaknesses. According to the update posted on StarCraft 2‘s website, the Crucio has been designed for increased survivability with an enlarged, reinforced turret and hull. It’s equipped with twin 90mm Cannons for use in assault mode, and 120mm Shock Cannon for siege mode.

Aside from being a formidable defender, this version of the siege tank can move to the front line without the fear of getting taken down before actually firing a shot or two. You can find videos of it transforming into siege mode and in action on StarCraft 2‘s website via link below.

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