StarCraft 2 Q&A batch 28: of Thors, Templars, Phoenix overload

StarCraft 2 - Image 1The latest batch of StarCraft 2 Q&A with devs is in, this time featuring more interesting gameplay elements being tweaked. Among the things Blizzard discussed, our eyes are on the developments in the Thor unit, the Templar’s new Anti-Gravity ability, and the Phoenix’ overload skill damaging cloaked units. Hit the jump to the full article for details!

StarCraft 2 - Image 1 

Our latest dose of news on StarCraft 2‘s development is exciting to say the least. In the current build of Blizzard‘s wildly anticipated RTS for PC, the Terran Thor unit is shaping up to be a monster against other ground units, the Protoss Phoenix is set to unleash its devastating ability even on cloaked units, and the High Templar can now lift buildings or turn itself to an air unit.

The Thor, equipped with a monster 250mm bombardment cannon, was made to be an anti-air unit at one point. As of now, according to Blizzard devs, the powerful Terran war machine is exclusively anti-ground as the Viking fills Terran’s need for AA firepower.

Another interesting detail brought up in the Q&A is the Phoenix’ overload ability being able to damage cloaked units. We’ve seen in videos how easily it can destroy nearby enemies, and with it capable of hitting what’s hidden, Terran Banshees closing in won’t stand a chance even while invisible.

What we really want to get our hands on is the improved High Templar, which now has an Anti-Gravity skill to disable units by lifting them into the air or temporarily remove Supply Depots parked at choke points. It loses its Hallucination ability, while Psi Storm remains intact. In other words, you can watch enemies hopelessly in the air while shouting “En taro Adun!”

Via Battle.NET forums

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