StarCraft 2 Q&A Batch 35: Terran blockades, Zerg creepy-crawley defenses and more

Wallpaper for StarCraft 2 - Image 1As Blizzard‘s development on StarCraft 2 continues, so do the Q & A sessions. In this latest session, Blizzard representative Karune tackles Terran blockades, Zerg mobile defensive structures and what not. More RTS goodness follows in the full article, right after the jump.

The Protoss Mothership rocks in StarCraft 2 - Image 1Sequels usually introduce loads of new stuff to the existing series. That’s probably one of the reasons why Blizzard is keeping aspiring StarCraft 2 players in the know with continued Q & A sessions. This time around, Blizzard blue poster Karune spotlights tactics such as the Terran blockade, the mobile Zerg spore defense, and more.

For example, StarCraft 2 Terran players who wish to guard against early rushes may set up blockades along strategic choke points. Karune mentioned three popular tactics that Blizzard staff members employ:

  1. tech straight to Banshees
  2. tech to straight to Reapers and use mines to attack the enemy’s resource line
  3. bunker up with Marines and Marauders

It’s also interesting to note that the once-immobile sunken and spore colonies of the Swarm may now uproot themselves and crawl to more advantageous positions. There’s a trade-off, however: the Zerg defenses suffer from a drop in hit points while in this mode, and they’re also more vulnerable to attack when they’re crawling around.

Sadly, Protoss Phase Cannons no longer have the ability to change their positions. The Mothership, however, has become an invaluable support unit in speed battles.  It can now allow Protoss Gateways to warp units straight to it. The time it takes to do this is faster than the time it normally takes to have those same units built at the Gateway.

There are many  new things to look forward to in StarCraft 2. Stay tuned for more Q & A sessions from Blizzard as development on this highly-anticipated sequel continues!

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