StarCraft 2 Q&A Batch 36: on Reactors, Roaches, Immortals and more

A logo for StarCraft 2 - Image 1As the development on StarCraft 2 continues, the information just keeps on pouring in. In Batch 36 of the game’s Q & A series, Blizzard representative Karune spotlights Reactors, Roaches, Immortals, Overseers and more. Catch Karune with this round of Q & A in the full article after the jump.

It is Zerg versus Zerg in StarCraft 2 - Image 1As long as a game isn’t out yet, expect curious players to ask a plethora of questions about it. Fortunately, Blizzard blue poster Karune has taken the time to post answers to some of those StarCraft 2 questions you may have. This Q & A round tackles Terran Rectors, Zerg Roaches, Protoss Immortals and what not.

Regarding the Protoss, it appears that only the Mothership and the Immortal (upgraded with Hardened Shields) can survive the Terran Nuclear Strike. Also, the High Templar’s Hallucination Ability has been buffed since the last StarCraft. Hallucinated units take double damage and last for around two to three units. Hallucinating a unit only costs 40 energy, too.

Over on the Zerg side, the Roach currently regenerates 15 hit points per second, allowing it to reach full health in six seconds.  Overlords who evolve into Overseers gain speed, passive detection, creep-generative and resource-corrupting abilities. Their  visual range also increases with time if they remain immobile.

Last, but not least, the Terran Reactor does more than simply double the size of your queue list – it also gives the Barracks, Factory or Starport the ability to create two units at a time. The catch is that it will only work on units that don’t require a Tech Lab add-on. This will make for more efficient and effective salvaging, tech shifts and evacuation.

Until StarCraft 2 finally rolls out, it seems that the information dissemination will continue (not that we’re complaining). Stay tuned for more updates from Blizzard regarding this.

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