Stardock CEO talks about upcoming games

Stardock company logo - Image 1Aside from the usual Galactic Civilizations 2 and Sins of a Solar Empire updates, PC gamers expect a lot from the indy developer Stardock. Fret not, because CEO Brad Wardell made it clear that new titles are in the pipeline and we won’t be left in the dark. Find what he had to say at the full article.

Sins of a Solar Empire screens, news, videos - Image 1With the commercially and critically successful Sins of a Solar Empire for PC and the classic Galactic Civilizations series under its belt, Stardock is on the map as one of the best indy game developers around. What most gamers don’t know is the company’s plans outside its desktop software products. Fortunately, Stardock CEO and designer Brad Wardell wasn’t shy of revealing what’s in store.

We’re aware of recent development which saw Stardock pick up Gas Powered Games’ Demigod. What caught our interest when Wardell sat down with CVG was the mention of two promising games in the pipeline.

One of Stardock’s current projects, slated for release in a couple of years, is a “turn-based fantasy strategy game” heavy on user-generated content. Players who enjoy rich customization can look forward to this unnamed title, especially after Wardell explained:

The modding tools, so to speak, are built into the game in such a way that’s how we’re putting content in the game. You can build your own worlds, your own races, your own characters and cities. You’ll design everything you want. You can submit it into the game, and it goes up to us.

This may sound similar to Will Wright’s Spore which also gives players freedom to design their own worlds, but Stardock’s head honcho stressed out work on their game came first.

The other title expected to come out of Stardock’s camp is Society, a real-time strategy MMORPG still under tight wraps. Wardwell barely talked about the company’s online offering about five years too early for launch, though he did leave an interesting statement that assures we’ll get to see how it’s shaping up. “We have open betas of our products, we don’t have NDAs. We like people to know what we’re doing.”

For the full interview, click on the “via” link below.

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