Surfer Girl rumors: Of Call of Duty 5, Rabbids, how Star Wars game ended up as StarCraft

Surfer Girl rumors: Of Call of Duty 5, Rabbids, and Starcraft - Image 1 What’s George Lucas got to do with Kerrigan and Raynor? Plenty, apparently, based on Surfer Girl’s latest bit of speculation regarding the beginnings of the Starcraft franchise, among other rumors. The rest of today’s selection of rumors are available in the full article.

Surfer Girl rumors: Of Call of Duty 5, Rabbids, and Starcraft - Image 1Ready for your daily dose of speculations, courtesy of industry insider Surfer Girl?

Today’s string of rumors will be dealing with a mixed bag of topics, ranging from the Starcraft franchise’s origins, to additional info regarding Call of Duty 5 (PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, DS).

To start off, word on the street is that Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft franchise was originally penned to be a Star Wars game. That is, until Lucas decided to pull the plug on the idea, with Blizz deciding to push through with the project.

As to how past rumors implying that SC was actually a scrapped Warhammer: 40K game fits into this equation, we’re not too sure. For the Wii owners, Surfer Girl’s hinting that work is underway for a third helping of the Raving Rabbids franchise.

The game’s expected to land by Christmas this year, and won’t be focusing on Rayman as much as the past two games did. More hot rabbid action, anyone? Now, if you don’t fancy more of Ubisoft’s dementedly inept bunnies, you may want to hear out the bit regarding development team Nintendo Software Technology or NST.

According to Surfer Girl, the team’s working on a new action game that’s expected to surpass their previously axed ballad of blunt force trauma, Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Smashing. The last rumor deals with Infinity Ward‘s upcoming FPS, Call of Duty 5.

According to Surfer Girl’s sources, the game might be a throwback to the historical shooter line that’s been the recurring theme of the CoD franchise (before CoD4 that is). As SG elaborated on why this is the case:

It started production following the completion of Call of Duty 3 which Activision assured Infinity Ward would not be called Call of Duty 3 and would be a spin-off rather than an entry in the main series.

Because they respected the work of Infinity Ward so much. when Call of Duty 4 was still a year from completion and not too many at Activision were confident that this modern warfare thing was going to be successful.

On the plus side, this also means that CoD5 has been in production for roughly two years. That’s plenty of time to polish it up into something that’ll hopefully trump even its highly lauded Modern Warfare predecessor.

That appears to be the latest word on the rumor mill. Drop by again in case we pick up information that may shed more light on these matters.

Via Surfer Girl

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