Surfer Girl talks new Prince of Persia, exclusivity, more

Prince of Persia - Image 1Surfer Girl is sharing some fun facts and a few revelations for this weekend. The video game seer talks about the continuation of the Prince of Persia franchise in the new generation of game consoles, plus some projects lined up for the next couple of years. Relationships between development teams are also delved into. Read the full article for the complete score on her latest post.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time - Image 1Resident video game seer Surfer Girl is back and she’s got some revelations and fun facts to boot in her May 2 post. Among the topics are connections between developers, new projects, exclusivity wheeling and dealing, plus a lot more. These are the items:

  • Propaganda Games‘ forthcoming PCS360 action-RPG is due out in 2010, “an original open world title” and I hear Oblivion is the game to beat/inspiration/reference/party hat supplier.
  • A few folks were wondering what exactly the connection between High Impact Games and Bionic Games is For starters, the two devs share senior folk such as Roberto Rodriguez and Mike Haller. In addition, the Bionic’s Lankershim office is where High Impact was originally located.
  • Fun fact: Ico was the game to beat/inspiration/reference/party hat supplier for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, pretty much everyone on that team played through Ico. From what I hear, Okami is the game to beat/inspiration/reference/party hat supplier for the forthcoming Prince of Persia.
  • If a quite reliable Parisian and a couple other Frenchmen are to be believed, Microsoft is attempting to get exclusivity rights to a Le Petit Prince (or in English, The Little Prince)
  • Double Helix is working on a “high profile comic book title” that will see release next year.

As a bit of clarification, Surfer Girl also posted this update: “Number four is not cryptic code to say that Microsoft is trying to buy exclusivity to the new Prince of Persia game. According to a couple of Frenchmen, Microsoft is in negotiations with MKO Games to get exclusivity rights for their game based off The Little Prince.”

There you have it. As always, take these with a grain of salt. In this business, it’s almost always a safe bet to expect the unexpected.

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