System Player 101 update – background image, delete function

PlayStation Portable Homebrew - Image 1PSP Homebrew developer homemister has come out with a quick update to System Player 101. You can now set a background image on the system browser. A delete function has also been added, and the copy/paste/move functions are also present. More on the latest System Player 101 update in the full article.

Download: System Player 101 update
Visit: QJ.NET System Player 101 forum thread

System Player 101 Homebrew Application - Image 1 System Player 101 Homebrew Application - Image 2

A new build is out for System Player 101 from PSP homebrew developer homemister. System Player 101 is a LUA based application that comes with a number of features, including a system browser that allows you to manage your files and play MP3s.

The new build now supports background images for the system browser. The browser now also sports a delete function. According to the author, the copy/paste/move functions have also been supported since the previous version.

Here are the notes from homemister:

A new function has been added. It is a background image setting. it will allow you to set the image being viewed in the System browser as your background. Press triangle to set it.

[…] Delete function has been added. To remove files, press circle on the selected file. Copy/paste and move were included in the last release but the wrong readme file was uploaded.

Users are advised to go through the readme for a detailed overview of the program as well as instructions for its controls. Please visit our forums for questions or discussions on the application.

Download: System Player 101 update
Visit: QJ.NET System Player 101 forum thread

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