Team Fortress 2, Enemy territory: Quake Wars get new updates on Steam

Team Fortress 2 - Image 1 Steam is fully loaded with updates for today’s hottest games on the PC. This time, we’re getting improvements for Valve’s Team Fortress 2 and Splash Damage‘s Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. The changelogs for the updates on both titles are in the full article after the jump, so read on.

Enemy Territory Quake Wars - Image 1New updates have just come into Steam. We’ve got the changelogs for what’s been improved as of late in two of your favorite online shooters: Valve’s Team Fortress 2 and Splash Damage‘s Enemy Territory: Quake Wars!

Valve has been steadily feeding the community with updates and new content which keeps Team Fortress 2 fresh. Splash Damage, on the other hand, may be gearing up for a cooperative effort with Bethesda Softworks for a new game, but it sure as heck isn’t forgetting tune-ups for its recent release.

In any case, here are the logs.

Team Fortress 2 changes

  • Fixed mat_queue_mode crash during level transitions
  • Fixed rapid weapon switching allowing Medics to prevent deployed UberCharges from draining
  • Improved prediction of Spy’s speed changes when disguising
  • Fixed Stopwatch panel not updating if level designer ends round by hand instead of letting the gamerules end it
  • Optimized particle traces on multi-core machines
  • Fixed tracers sometimes firing with the wrong team color
  • Fixed rapid-fire weaponry critical hit checks getting out of synch between the server and client
  • Fixed map exploits in Gold Rush

Enemy territory: Quake Wars changes:

  • Added an Auto-Join button to the Limbo Menu to allow players to quickly join a team
  • Added new server browser filter. Players can now filter servers by the maximum number of bots playing
  • Revised the ‘Hot Server’ weightings so lower ping servers are given higher priority than before
  • Replaced Hot Server list with a ‘Join Best Server’ button in the server browser
  • Fixed custom maps confusing the map voting system
  • Fixed the Flyer Drone personal best being referred to as Flyer Hive

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