Team ICE releases PS3 Pack v1.2 – hack, exploit collection

Team ICE releases PS3 Pack v1.2 - Image 1The days of PlayStation 3 homebrew may be at hand soon, but developing useful applications is a long road in itself. Team ICE continues to flex their coding muscles to pool both knowledge and experience in that field, and so the same guys who give kudos to Dark AleX and Mathieulh for their contributions to the PSP scene now have released version 1.2 of the Ice Pack. Course through the full story for more details.

Team ICE releases PS3 Pack v1.2 - Image 1 

Team ICE, perhaps short for International Couch Entertainment (as German member StreetskaterFU labels it), publicly released version 1.2 of the Ice Pack just a day ago. The collection of known, tried and tested exploits carries even the latest TIFF exploit previously reported, as well as a slew of other hacks and exploits leveled at Sony’s PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Network:

  • RADTools
  • Home Beta Exploit EU
  • HDD Format SELF
  • Customize your XMB Version 2.0
  • Motorstorm Exploit US
  • Resistance Exploit US
  • Motorstorm Exploit Fix
  • Resistance Exploit Fix

Though they will eventually be circumvented by Sony in the near future, the exploits included in this pack were all reported to work prior to release. None of them are fully fledged homebrew applications, however, and are only aimed at those aspiring to create “clean,” unsigned code (after crashing their Sony PS3s into execution limbo, of course) to kick start PlayStation 3 homebrew development officially.

You are free to try each of the included hacks, but please exercise the liberty of reading the bundled reminders first. Also take note that running the Home Beta Exploit may get you banned on the PlayStation Network.

It’s not automatic, however, and some have reported to have gotten away with running unauthenticated downloaded content while testing it. Again, be wary of the consequences before you head download this latest version and use it.

Thanks to PSX Nickos for the tip!

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