Team Xecuter’s X-S RROD kit available now

Xbox 360 logo - Image 1 Crack Xbox 360 modders Team Xecuter are offering up another nifty product for fighting the dreaded “red ring of death” in Microsoft‘s box of wonder. It’s called the X-S, and it’ll be available real soon for those who wish to join the crusade against the platform’s nasty, crimson gremlins. Information on what it does and where to get it follow after the jump.

X-S Team Xecuter - Image 1 

Over the past couple of years, the Microsoft Xbox 360’s “red ring of death” (RROD) has garnered enough notoriety to make it the bane of every console owner. It strikes without warning, and leaves you in the cold until you get it fixed via warranty service.

If you’re not the type who’ll come running to Microsoft for help in resurrecting a dead console, Team Xecuter has a nice alternative. The X-S kit is now out and ready for shipping to get rid all the Xbox 360’s nasty, crimson gremlins.

Of course, this kind of stuff will have to land on the hands of someone who knows exactly what he’s doing. Working miracles on consoles isn’t easy, so be sure to have the know-how before you get any big ideas. Information on where to order this kit can be found by following the Source Link below.

Via Team Xecuter

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