Telltale denies Sam and Max on Wii

Sam and Max - Image 1 While it’s already been announced by JoWooD that seeing Sam & Max on the Nintendo Wii is something we all can expect, Telltale Games says otherwise – saying that as for now, the existence of a Sam & Max title on the Wii is up in the air. Puzzled? You’re not the only one. See how the entire story plays out in the full article.

 JoWooD - Image 1 

If you’ve been following the news about Sam and Max making their way to the Nintendo Wii, then you’d have picked up on the press release leak that confirms the duo’s soon-to-be-existence on the wiimote-waggling console, with none other than JoWooD behind the jump. Now we update you on the proceedings, with Telltale Games denying not only the possibility of a Sam & Max title on the Wii, but also the fact that the PR even exists by not even mentioning it at all.

Telltale Games‘s statement on the whole Sam & Max issue, verbatim:

While it’s no secret that we want to bring Sam & Max to the Wii–and it is something we’re actively pursuing–we don’t have any official news right now. When we’re in a position to confirm that we’ll be porting Sam & Max to the Wii, we’ll make an announcement about it.

This statement itself comes from a company representative. Some things about it to take note, here: they didn’t really say it outright that they’re not planning on porting Same & Max to the Wii (in fact, they want to) and that they didn’t even acknowledge the announcement previously made by JoWood. Smells fishy? Not really, but it would really do all of us Point-and-Click Adventure fans a whole lot of good if Telltale just went right out and revealed whatever they’re really planning. After all, with a huge following, a Sam & Max game on any platform doesn’t need to be hyped, right?

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