The 2 Castles v0.1

PSP - Image 1Predricted has presented to us his new homebrew game, and you’re the chosen commander for it. Set in a battlefield of two warring countries for the possession and ownership of the best strategic place for power, The 2 Castles v0.1 is sure to give you that fire-powered action you won’t want to miss. Do check out more details in the full article.

Download: The 2 Castles v0.1
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PSP - Image 1Predricted has released his homebrew game named The 2 Castles v0.1. The story is set in a battlefield raging between two countries in Sanvia City. The warring nations are fighting over this city because it is one of the best places, strategically. You will be playing the commander in this last year of battle.

The objective therefore is to destroy the enemy castle, in which upon doing so, the enemies will be automatically defeated. The whole lot of them. Think Battle City, where getting your eagle fort crushed by the enemy will mean instant death for your tanks.

For this first version, you will have two options: a) repair/upgrade the hp of your building or b) create a swordsman to fight for you. Here are the controls:

  • Left and Right keys to toggle between your choice,
  • Cross to confirm your choice.
  • Think carefully but quick cause there is a small delay time till your next choice.

Enjoy, and do keep it posted here for any more updates from Predricted. If you do encounter any bugs or whatnot, do not hesitate to let him know about it as well through his thread at our forums.

Download: The 2 Castles v0.1
Discuss: QJ.NET PSP Development Forums

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