The mystery behind the eyeball: origin of Patapon designs revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.'s Patapon for PSP - Image 1So what possessed Creative Director Hiroyuki Kotani to fill his latest game with tribal war-like eyeballs bent on reaching Earthend to see “IT”? In an interview conducted by Siliconera, Kotani talks about the inspiration behind the characters of SCEI‘s Patapon and how the game came into being. You can read the details of the interview in the full story after the jump.

Sony Computer Entertainment's Patapon for the PSP - Image 1 

To say that Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.’s (SCEI) Patapon is a rather unique game is an understatement. When you have a game with tribal war-like eyeballs happily following the beat of your drums, then you have to admit that that description alone is enough to draw anyone’s attention.

However, what inspired the creators to give such a unique look for the characters in this PlayStation Portable-exclusive game? In an interview conducted by Siliconera, Creative Director Hiroyuki Kotani explains the inspiration behind the quirky characters of Patapon.

Unlike other titles which focus on an interesting game concept or playing style before the actual development of the game, Kotani admitted that the origin of Patapon revolved on interesting cyclopean character designs created by Rolito.

All the other mechanics, such as the rhythm-like nature of the game and its strategy elements, stemmed from these designs and flowed from there. He even mentioned that the player’s direct involvement by taking the role of the Almighty deity guiding the Patapons was one of the most enjoyable things they included in the game.

So can fans expect a sequel to this unique rhythm title some time in the near future? This is what Kotani had to say about it: “I cannot say that there will be a sequel to Patapon but as a professional game designer I have already got a playable version of my next game in my head”.

While he made no promises, he did mention that he will be trying his best to introduce his next game in the not-so-distant future. We’re all very excited to see what the developers have up their sleeve as an encore to this innovative rhythm-strategy title.

You can read the full article for more information by clicking on the Via link below.

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