The Wii Weekend Warrior: a new Wii Channel, finding a storage solution, and sweeping the console war

The Wii Weekend WarriorConsidering it’s the week after E3, you’d think the Wii scene would simmer down a little, but I am pleasantly surprised to see that it hasn’t. A lot of great stuff happened this week, including hints of a new Wii Photo Channel, Nintendo finally working on that darned storage problem, and… what’s this? Former Microsoft exec Peter Moore believes the Wii will sweep up in this generation’s console war. Don’t that beat all. Plenty more this week, so let’s get started on the Wii Weekend Warrior!

The Wii Weekend Warrior

So here we are, post E3. I thought the video game industry would simmer down a little (from the let down of the event perhaps?) but I’m glad to see I was wrong. On the Wii front, at least, a lot of great stuff happened this week. Nintendo’s finally has that darned storage problem classified as “urgent,” and there’s also hints of a new Wii Photo Channel coming soon. We’ve got a lot more for you, so let’s get started!

We’re working on it

The Wii is a great console with a lot to offer, but it has some stark shortcomings. Nintendo has finally perked up its ears and has decided to fix a couple of these issues.

Wii Friend Code System - Image 1

First up is the Wii Friend Code System, which makes you memorize credit card numbers have to bother with a long string of numbers just to add someone up. Nintendo big boss Satoru Iwata admits that this system isn’t perfect, and said that they are working to find a better method without losing the sense of security and safety it provides.

Second is that danged storage system. The current capacity is just not enough. We didn’t hear about it at E3, so some of us (me!) might be worried about how development’s going. It’s small comfort, but Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime recently admitted that the problem is now “mainstream” and that they have a “sense of urgency to solve it.”

Link: Iwata: Nintendo is working to improve Wii Friend Code System
Link: Reggie Fils-Aime: Wii’s limited storage now a “mainstream problem”

Wii gamers get new shiny things! … in Japan

Microsoft is US based, and so the region gets more Xbox 360 lovin than others. The same goes for Nintendo. If you want first dibs on new Nintendo goodies, living in Japan would be a good start. Wii gamers in Japan got some love from Nintendo this week, with the introduction of the Digicam Print Channel and the ‘bonus redeem software’ feature.

Wii Channel - Image 1The Digicam Print Channel is a new service that allows gamers to order prints of pictures stored in their consoles, and business cards with their Miis emblazoned on them.

The US and Europe recently got a firmware update that (presumably) adds behind-the-scenes support for the service, so the regions might get them soon as well.

No such hints for the ‘bonus redeem software’ feature though. It was only recently discovered to be in the “Settings and Features” section of the Japan Wii Shop Channel. It allows gamers to enter a code that will let them acquire free software. It is believed that certain retail games will provide these codes. Hopefully this feature will be introduced in other regions.

Link: New Wii Channel in Japan can order photo prints, Mii business cards
Link: Latest Wii System Menu Update provides support for Photo Channel
Link: Wii Shop Channel Japan gets new ‘bonus redeem software’ feature

Grand Theft Wii

The Nintendo DS is getting a Grand Theft Auto title? Boo. I’d much rather see a GTA title for the Wii. Unfortunately, that might not be any time soon, as Ninty’s Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that a GTA title for the console would all depend on Rockstar and Take Two’s whims.

It’s unfortunate, as a GTA title would certainly boost the Wii’s cred with the hardcore crowd. Speaking of which, it’s another blow to the hardcore community to see that the Dead Rising port for the Wii seems to be missing something – where are all the zombies at?

Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop - Image 1 Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop - Image 2

New screenshots of the port show that the game doesn’t seem to have as much zombies as the original Xbox 360 game did. Boo. Again. Well, let’s just hope that the zombies were in the other side of the mall where the screenshots were taken.

This next game isn’t exactly hardcore, but it might be the closest thing we can get for a while, at least until The Conduit gets a publisher. Sega has announced a sequel to their Sonic storybook series called Sonic and the Black Knight, which will be released Spring of next year. This time, Sonic is placed within the setting of Arthurian lore.

Link: Fils-Aime explains details of GTA-Nintendo deal, no Wii title in the making so far
Link: Dead Rising for Wii gets official title, improved save functionality, new screens
Link: Sonic and the Black Knight announced, dated
Link: Scan: Nintendo Power features Sonic and the Black Knight
Link: Sega registers Sonic & The Black Knight website

Peripherals and …. court cases?

You guys remember how Nintendo got into a tangle with Anascape Ltd. over copyright infringement on several of their controllers? Nintendo was ordered to pay them damages amounting to US$ 21 million. I’m inclined to agree with the sentiments of our readers who said that Anascape was only sitting on that controller patent to make money off the first guy who actually made it into a reality.

Still, the law such as it is, Nintendo’s in quite a bind. Aside from the US$ 21 million, it seems that Anascape wants to push it further and have the court ban Nintendo from selling the controllers in question (the Wii Classic , the WaveBird, and the GameCube controllers). You may want to get your hands on one just in case they become a collector’s items.

WiiSpeak - Image 1 WiiSpeak - Image 2

But let’s take our minds off the dreary subject and focus on what’s at hand. You guys should have heard about WiiSpeak by now. It’s that new voice chat solution Nintendo introduced back at E3. Not a lot of games have been announced to support the peripheral yet, but what we do know is that The Conduit will be one of those games (woot!). Call of Duty: World at War is also said to support the mic.

Link: Games that will be supporting WiiSpeak
Link: GameCube and Wii Classic Controllers facing ban

You know it’s true

Let me end this week’s Weekend Warrior with a quote from former Microsoft exec, Peter Moore:

It looks to me as if the Wii is going to have at least half the installed base of the overall industry and the Xbox 360 and PS3 are going to fight over the balance, based on the run-rates we’re seeing.

Complete with the first ever Wii comment(s) of the week!

Wii Comments of the Week - Image 1 

‘Nuff said. Although you can follow the link below to see a rather interesting conversation between ISOHaven and Mister Common Sense. See you all next week!

Link: Peter Moore: Wii to win console war with half the market

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