THQ president on Drawn to Life for the Wii, other game franchises

The THQ logo - Image 1THQ may have gone through some rough times lately, but it’s not out of the fight yet. In fact  THQ president Brian Farrell announced that THQ’s DS platformer Drawn to Life will eventually be making its way to the Nintendo Wii. Farrell also commented on other THQ franchises, such as the Stuntman and Juiced series. Read what he had to say after the jump.

Box art for the DS version of Drawn to Life - Image 1While analysts remain optimistic about THQ‘s future, the company appears to be taking concrete steps toward bouncing back from a slump. One such step was recently announced by THQ president Brian Farrell regarding Drawn to Life‘s move to the Nintendo Wii. Farrell also commented on THQ’s cancelled franchises.

In a conference call for discussing THQ’s holiday sales, Farrell said that the company was pleased with the performance of the franchise, and that THQ hoped “to extend the brand to the Wii in the future.” The company reportedly intends to announce several other Wii-exclusive titles in the coming weeks.

Farrell explained why THQ had to cancel some of their franchises. For example, the game mechanic of Stuntman: Ignition (PS3, Xbox 360, PSP) “just didn’t translate well into next-gen.” Frontlines: Fuel of War (Xbox 360, PC) is a similar case, saying that the Unreal Engine 3 didn’t exactly perform in an open world as THQ would have expected.

With regard to Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights (PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, DS) the THQ president said that THQ was: way too ambitious with that studio, giving them 6 platforms to support. That was a bad decision, and we don’t have any studios working on more than 3 SKUs simultaneously now.”

The point, according to Farrell, is that certain things take time to do right, and THQ seems to be committed to doing exactly that.

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