Time Machine Configurator v1.0 – configures Dark Alex’s Time Machine

Sony's PlayStation Portable Slim & Lite handhelds - Image 1After the release of Dark AleX‘s Time Machine homebrew application for the Sony PlayStation Portable, some people have been having some difficulty configuring it with their handhelds. Fortunately, Red Squirrel has come up with an app which exclusively sets up Time Machine on your PSP. You can check out all the details of this nifty program in the full article.

Download: Time Machine Configurator v1.0

Sony's PlayStation Portable handheld - Image 1If you’re still having trouble getting Dark AleX‘s Time Machine homebrew app to work on your PlayStation Portable, then don’t worry because we’ve got some good news which may be of use to you.

Homebrew developer Red Squirrel has created a new application which exclusively takes care of all the necessary configuration needed to run the latest version of Time Machine on your PSP.

What makes this particular program convenient for people who want to switch back to any of the previous custom firmware is the fact that you can do this by simply pressing a specific combination of keys, which you can customize on the /TM/config.txt file found in the program.

However, the developer has noted a couple of bugs in the current version of the app. Because of some kernel issues, the NOTE, WLAN, VOL, SCREEN, and HOME keys cannot be used while running Time Machine Configurator. Fortunately, Red Squirrel mentions the possibility of  future releases supporting these specific keys some day.

As always, please make sure to take a look at the Readme.txt file for more details on how to install Time Machine Configurator into your PSP handheld. In any case, we hope you enjoy the download!

Download: Time Machine Configurator v1.0

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